Dribbble Invite Giveaway!
I have 1 dribbble invite & ready to give them to someone! 
So, if you want to get the invite, you would need to:

1. Email diadea3007@hotmail.es with a link to your portfolio (e.g. Behance, your website, UpLabs, etc , or any other place you have submitted your work). Please don´t just attach me JPGs of your work through email, as I will not consider you. 
2. Please write a few words about yourself and why you want to be part of Dribbble Community.
3. Please attach your Dribbble Link so I can draft you once I pick the winner (make sure you are checked as being able to be Drafted).

Winner will be picked in 2 days, meaning on Monday, 25th May. I can hardly wait to see some great designs!

All the best everyone, 
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